Thursday, December 15, 2016

Life has changed, indeed

My flight has been delayed and I am sitting at the airport. To idle away my time, I started browsing through the pics on my phone and suddenly realised that there is this 90cm of a guy who has taken up all the space on my phone. He is present everywhere, he is on all the videos and on all the pics. He is all over the place. I realised that I don't have a single solo pic in all of the 'more than 1000 photos' that I have taken in the last one year. He has taken over my wardrobe space and 2 shelves of the shoe rack. His possessions (read toys and books) are spread across the entire house, as if he has marked his territory. Our conversations usually center around him. My God, This guy has taken over our lives!!!!

Oh yes I forgot to mention, he is my 2 year old son and no one else. A sudden reality dawned on me, my life isn't mine any more. I don't control my life, the reins are in the hand of this little chap. He decides what I do every evening (post office hours), he decides what we eat every weekend, he decides where we travel and how we travel, he decides whether I can watch a movie, he decides whether I can catch up on the latest episode of Narcos. In short he decides what I do in my life. Scary isn't it? How these cute little things can manipulate us with their cuteness and antics, and we just surrender ourselves to these pint sized humans.

Well how much we bemoan the loss of freedom and control over our lives, don't we secretly allow ourselves to be controlled by these mini creatures. Who can resist falling for these guys? Don't you wonder, how do these miniature creatures learn to manipulate grown ups and mature people? I might be blabbering, but deep inside I am grateful that my life has become more meaningful with the presence of this little chap. Well, he is proving to be pretty useful too. He brings my phone, my snacks, my shoes and also attempts to pick up my laptop (he will get trained in a couple of weeks)

My happy hours are over, time to board now. Can't wait to get enslaved by this magical creature again and dance to his tunes, literally.

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